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Here are links to LibGuides resources:

LibGuides Community Site

This site enables you to view guides at other LibGuides institutions.  It is a great resource to share content, ideas, and best practices.  Any guide from the community site can be used as a template when creating your own guides.  Click the "Create New Guide" link on the admin screen, then select "Use a guide from one of the community institutions."  Past the full URL of a guide you wish to use as a template and the system will copy its content to your newly created guide.  The system will also send an e-mail to the creator of the guide for permission to use it.

Best of LibGuides:  A collection of awesome LibGuides, assembled to inspire you when creating your own guides.  Create, collaborate and share with the LibGuides community or reuse any of this world class content!

The Springshare Lounge:  This is the user/forums/training website for LibGuides.  The best place online to discuss LibGuides with other users.  There are forums for "General Questions," "Ho To's, Tips, Tricks," "Feature Requests & Suggestions," and "LibGuides Examples & Best Practices."

LibGuides Help AND FAQ Pages: The LibGuides Help system contains all ther resources you need to get started with LibGuides, including training videos, walk-throughs, best-practices documents from other LibGuides Community members.  Also, check out the FAQ to see if the question you have is already answered.  If not, you will have a link to an e-mail to receive your answer Aby one of our support staff.




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